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Grrrlfriend Jess

Well, my friend, you've said it all here. The exhilaration/emotion of bringing a child into the world over and over and over again is really quite a journey, isn't it? Lil E begins co-op this week - just two days a week for a total of eight hours - and yet, I feel like I am handing him the keys to the family car on prom night. Thanks for being all honest and gooby about this. It made me cry and it did me good. And my God, could that boy be any cuter? What a cheek-kisser of a kid.

ps - You go with your comment-receptor self!


Man, every year I resist the urge to cry like a baby when she leaves. I remember the too-big backpack and all of the questions she had for me as she was leaving and quizzing her like a maniac when she got home (I still do that.)

Thank you for this. And for the pictures. I could just eat him up, though I'm sure now that he's such a big dude that sort of thing is not allowed.

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